Full-Way Flat Agv-500kg / 1,5t / 2t / 5t / 10t Schwere Last für Lager als flaches Agv


Omnidirektionaler Rückenheber AGV

Function features: all-directional knap-jacking AGV, load support 500kg~10 tons, which can be equipped with chain conveyor, roller conveyor, lifting platform and other devices. It adopts high-performance lithium battery,


Features: Intensive storage logistics conveying equipment, with smart storage supporting use, which can be driven on the track, to achieve goods in and out of storage, weight up to 500kg~3.5 tons. In the successful savin

Führung AGV

Function Features: small size, compact structure, flexible handling. It is suitable for a variety of small space, material heavy places , reading instructions through the magnetic strip guide. Using high-performance