Shahua 1200kw Container-Dieselgenerator

  • 1200kw Container diesel generator
  • 1200kw Container diesel generator
  • 1200kw Container diesel generator
  • 1200kw Container diesel generator
  • 1200kw Container diesel generator
  • 1200kw Container diesel generator

1200kw Container-Dieselgenerator

Als Notstromversorgung wird das Container-Stromaggregat (20KW bis 2000KW) verwendet. Es hat eine große Kapazität und eine lange Stromversorgungszeit. Es kann unabhängig betrieben werden und wird nicht durch Stromnetzfehler beeinträchtigt. Die gesamte Einheit kann direkt als Standard-Containerversand verwendet werden, wodurch die Transportkosten erheblich gespart werden.

Shanhua 1200kw Container diesel generator set,prime power is 1200kw,can be used as prime power or backup power for hospital,mine,data center and factory. It has a large power capacity and a long power supply time. It can operate independently and is not affected by power grid faults,The whole unit can be directly used as standard container shipping, greatly saving the transportation cost.
1. Container girders are made of square tubes to improve the mechanical strength of containers and withstand higher dynamic load impact of generator sets;
2. Side doors are provided on both sides of the box body to facilitate daily maintenance and overhaul; A ladder is provided outside the box;
3. The front and back of the container can be opened to facilitate the daily maintenance and overhaul of the generator and engine radiator;
4. The bottom of the container is equipped with the engine "three leakage" collection system to prevent the engine may appear "three leakage" and pollute the environment;
5. The control panel and output switchgear are on the same side of the container, which is convenient for daily operation and output cable connection;
6. Fuel tank and pipeline, oil discharge, silencer and so on have many unique design, much favored by users.
Containerisierter Generator
Containerized Generator
Containerized Generator
Containerized Generator
Produktnummer HL1200GFC
Gruppieren nach Produkttyp Containerisiert
Garantiezeit 1 Jahr oder 1000 Betriebsstunden
Beglaubigt CE und ISO
Modell HL1200GFC
Nennspannung 400V/230V
Drehzahl 1500RMP
Frequenz 50HZ
Phase 3