Hospital backup generator set

Notstromaggregat für Krankenhäuser

High degree of automation of the general diesel generator power supply system is difficult to achieve 24 hours a day have personnel guards, so the selection of diesel generator set to choose automatic unattended intelligent unit, when the mains power failure diesel generator quickly start, automatic and mains end switch power supply, high sensitivity, good safety; When the mains calls, the switch automatically switches to the mains, and the diesel generator sets slow down and stop. In addition, the diesel generator set is equipped with a stable automatic voltage regulation system and warning system, making it safe to use.

Normally, two diesel generator sets of the same power are equipped with one main generator and one standby generator. In case one of them fails, the second backup diesel generator unit is switched on immediately, ensuring safety.

High-quality diesel generator sets should be selected, imported diesel generator sets or joint venture brand diesel generator sets, such as Cummins, Perkins, Benz, Yuchai, Weichai, etc.

A quiet environment with little noise is conducive to doctors' work and patients' recuperation. Diesel generator room can be noise reduction processing, in order to meet the requirements of noise environmental protection, can also choose the silent type generator set.